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The Leading Source for TM-Flow Systems &
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Balancing Revenue & Patient Focused Solutions

For over a decade, the foremost objective of Bowman Hewitt Solutions has been to provide physicians with the necessary tools to successfully diagnose, treat, and provide ongoing care to patients while generating revenue. 

Warranty TM-Flow

TM-Flow System 

TM-Flow System available with Extended 2-Year Warranty & Technical Support...

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Our Objective

To enhance patient care while achieving practice profitability - this approach best suits doctor and patient alike.  In addition to matching physicians with the best medical solutions for patient needs, Bowman Hewitt provides assistance with device setup, implementation, and technical support as needed.

Best-Selling Featured Device:

The TM-Flow System, which is manufactured in the USA by LD Technology, has proven to be helpful in identifying numerous health complications related to diabetes, vascular disease, pain, and other common ailments.  The 15-minute, non-invasive test is reimbursable by Medicare and most major insurance providers, with an average reimbursement of three hundred dollars.  LD Technology is continually improving their testing in addition to maintaining ongoing compliance with LCDs.

Medical Device Sales

Technical Support

As the 1st distributor to sell the original ES Complex (1st version of TM-Flow), Bowman Hewitt Solutions, a Greenville, South Carolina-based company, can offer unparalleled service and technical support if needed.  Quick resolutions are a must when it comes to patient care and the necessary scheduling required to operate efficiently; any "downtime" with a device is negatively impactful to patient care and the practice's revenue.  Prompt response and resolution set us apart from other distributors.

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Bowman Hewitt Solutions’ LD Technology TM Flow System 


Our LD technology TM Flow System has been innovatively designed to facilitate the healthcare industry by providing useful insights about patients’ Automatic Nervous System (ANS), and adverse health effects due to diabetes. 

Automatic Nervous System (ANS) testing encompasses different aspects, and TM Flow uses a combination of technologies to obtain these measurements quickly and seamlessly. 


Medical practitioners have been confidently using the TM Flow system to instantly evaluate the comprehensive functionality of the ANS through obtaining critical clinical data that helps in early diagnosis and treatment. The system capably helps with the diagnosis of fibromyalgia, hypertension, cardiac dysrhythmia, allergic reactions, chronic fatigue syndrome, and sleep apnea. While the system helps in the right diagnosis of multiple health conditions, the clinical info improves the efficacy of the treatment.

TM Flow Device Benefits 

  • Reduced testing time for enhanced patient care 

  • Prized resources for occupied clinics and healthcare units 

  • TM-ABI, ANS Assessment, and Sudomotor Function Testing 

  • Error-free analytics through automatic data transfer 

  • Provides real-time instrument monitoring and performance

  • Enhanced operational efficiency 

  • Advanced analytics helps in improved decision-making enabling healthcare staff to streamline procedures 

  • Improved data security and compliance with patient safety and privacy regulations 

  • Timely access to machine-generated data that helps in effective diagnosis and treatment 

  • Accurate insight into patients’ health and risk factors 

  • Premium revenue-generating diagnostic testing equipment 

Patient with Healthcare Nurse
"I began my career years ago as a Medical Tech for a local clinic, where I utilized an ANS-1 System. The technical issues I encountered were frequent at that time, so my initial introduction to Bo resulted. He was extremely prompt & effective at resolving these technical issues! Four years later, our clinic purchased another ANS-1 and to my pleasant surprise, Bo was still available to resolve technical issues that arose - what a relief! I could not have done it without his assistance - thank you Bo!"   

Tonya P. - Practice Administrator


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